3 thoughts on “GN_08

  1. Dear Gene,
    It has been a long time since I have written, but I am here as I have always been, enjoying the marvelous information, photos, and film clips you so generously provide.

    I have recently re-read the Marion Leonard piece and her challenge of selling more Pittsburgh newspapers than her in-town “rival,”Corinne. That is my hometown, so it took on a special meaning for me, naturally. I loved Marion Leonard and all the screen personalities of that era, especially Arthur V. Johnson. He was a wonderfully handsome man and could handle both comedy and drama on the early screen photoplays. Unfortunately, he died far too young in 1916.

    Is there a chance that you might have done or might consider doing a lengthy story about him? I, for one, would like to know more about him than what is readily available. I enjoyed “The Song of the Violin,” “A Gibson Goddess,” among others, including a rural tale with Mary Pickford where he walks with her on a hill. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was very nicely done.

    Lastly, what ever happened to little Gladys Egan? She was everywhere and then seemingly vanished…

    Thanks for all you do to keep this age of early film and its pioneers alive! You’re the best, Gene!
    Brother V. Kenneth Curley, FSC

    1. Brother Kenneth,
      Thanks for re-reading and writing. I haven’t done a lot for the past 12 months or so, having concentrated on the Mary Pickford Biographs, and also continuing research for a third installment of the Florence LaBadie series. Arthur Johnson was a fine actor, almost criminally forgotten even by film historians, but beyond the Biographs, almost nothing remains of his work. Did you read the essay on “The Mountaineer’s Honor,” Johnson had a key role in that film, and was wonderful opposite MP. I am currently working on a minor, but very interesting short Biograph comedy, featuring MP, Blanche Sweet and of course Arthur V. Johnson. I think you’ll enjoy it. Can’t promise an essay devoted to Johnson, but won’t rule it out — the more i see of his work, the more i am impressed by his talent, a truly important player in the history of early film. Thanks for reading, and for your continued interest, and your patience, too. And take care in this crazy world as well.


      1. Dear Gene,
        I have been thinking about you and about your magnificent contributions to early silent film art, especially during the pandemic. In me, and I am certain that in others, you have a loyal following, so well-earned and so much deserved!

        I read over your last response to me regarding Arthur V. Johnson, and I wonder if any headway has been made on your intended essay feature on this very talented and photogenic performer. He, and many others, so long ago relegated to forgotten dates and dusty newspapers have had the opportunity to experience the spotlight shown on them so generously by you. As one who sits in the dark, waiting for that next “flicker,” I am deeply appreciative for every effort you have made and continue to make in this regard.

        You remain the best, Gene!
        Brother V. Kenneth Curley, FSC

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